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An Experiential Account of YPLS Africa by Daniels Akpan

“The YPLS Africa program actually provided me the opportunity to become the kind of leader people envisage in society for leadership guidance. At the YPLS Africa, we don’t just wish for change, they lead the process. I am proud to be part of this great team leading change in Africa”.

For decades in the political history of Liberia and Africa at large, young people can only dream of political leadership. Today, with the Young Political Leadership School Africa, young people have woken up to their dreams… Thanks to NAYMOTE-Liberia.

I was pleased to receive an invitation from the institution inviting me to participate in Semester 5 of the Young Political Leadership School Africa. Being a Nigerian, i knew i was in for a good time and fresh experience around Regional politics, leadership and governance. On May 7th, 2018, i was pleased to join 105 other brilliant Liberian Youth leaders from diverse background, in a one week master training in Policy Advocacy, Governance and Leadership at YPLS Africa.

Speaking as the only International participant at the opening session, i had the privilege to observe how the challenges facing Liberia was similar to those in Nigeria and other parts of the continent and the need for cross boarder synergy, partnership and collaboration as a means to sustainable growth development in Africa.

Training sessions were educative and enlightening. I learned about the Workings of the National Legislature of Liberia and its Committees, workings of the Supreme Court and Criminal Justice System of Liberia, Participatory Decision making: A tool for building Consensus, Networking & Mobilization and highlighting Community Need Assessments, and Leadership Styles and Skills. I also gained a deeper understanding about how to become a powerful communicator/ public speaker.

Appreciation to the management of YPLS Africa for affording me the opportunity to learn and network with like-minded young people from across Liberia and Africa. I’m truly grateful.

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Emmanuel S. Blama
Emmanuel S. Blama
Feb 02, 2020

Great story. It was indeed an amazing training

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