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NAYMOTE to Empower 40 Young Political Leaders

The Young Political Leadership School (YPLS) established through NAYMOTE has developed a program to empower young political leaders with the tools and knowledge needed to support the development of research-based campaign platforms and effective political campaigns in the country.

NAYMOTE’s Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo said, the YPLS aims to strengthen and contribute to Liberia’s democracy through capacity building of young political leaders that would make political parties more effective in the political system of Liberia.

Mr. Jarwolo said there is a dire need to have positive thinking young citizens in Liberia who are willing to uphold the mantle of leadership and run the affairs of the nation in a responsible and accountable manner.

“YPLS wants to ensure that political platforms reflect the views of the people and electoral campaigns are organized based on standards and are free from violence, so as to increase citizens’ trust in political parties, improve Liberia’s democracy and electoral politics. Young political leaders must effectively build and manage voters base, engage voters, and deliver issue based campaign messages,” he said.

This first of its kind leadership program is being organized under the theme “Organizing Political Campaigns.” The training targets 40 persons and will take place from April 4th to 8th at the National Elections Commission Conference Hall in Monrovia.

Mr. Jarwolo said the YPLS will build the knowledge of 40 young political leaders, campaign managers, campaign organizers, from 20 political parties and independent candidates for the five days.

“Young Liberians have leadership skills gap. There is also lack of access to adequate information on the functions of governance institutions and young Liberians are increasingly losing the zest to serve in leadership positions,” he observed.

He said the program will also seek to empower youth wing leaders in the various political parties and support based groups.

“The program targets young independent political candidates who have the will to serve and need a deeper understanding of political and governance processes in the country,” he said.

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