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In their seminar book, Why Nations Fail, Acemoglu and Robinson stressed that one difference between developed and developing countries is their conception of leadership. Developed countries see leadership as an element of accountability while leaders in developing countries exploit leadership, applying the extractive economic system to benefit the interest of a few. This has been the problem with Africa through generations. Leaders do not feel responsible for the people they govern. However, hope is on the horizon with institutions like Naymote leading the demand for good governance and responsible political leadership while building an army of democracy activists and youths, molded in the rigors of political leadership. In 2016, the institution initiated the Young Political Leadership School Africa (YPLS Africa), a forum for young people to engage in healthy conversations about democracy and their role in shaping the future. After one year of existence, during the 2017 elections, YPLS Africa had already started proving impact with alumni from the program transforming from mere voters to essential objects of the political process.

While the continent is challenged with poor healthcare, education, high rates of unemployment, and towering challenges to democracy and the rule of law, Naymote flagship initiative the Young Political Leadership School Africa is harnessing the potential of young people to create the much structural change.

Click link to read full story about the impact of YPLS Africa program featured on Libpedia,

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