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Ambassador McCarthy’s Speech at the Carl Gershman Democracy Lecture Forum

US Ambassador Michael McCarthy had the opportunity to speak and answer questions during the 12th session of the Carl Gershman Democracy Lecture Forum at iCampus Liberia on Carey Street in Monrovia.

In a statement he said "The overarching goal of the United States is to promote Liberia's post-conflict democratic and economic success story" - Amb. Michael A. McCarthy

Ambassador McCarthy honored our invitation to speak to a cross-section of young leaders in politics and civil society at the 12th edition of the Carl Gershman Democracy Lecture Forum. The US Ambassador historized US-Liberia bilateral relations including the positive and negative aspects of Liberia's Human Rights records.

The Ambassador also talked about the Biden Administration's Summit for Democracy and President Weah's commitment made at the first edition of the summit to ensure that Liberia becomes a stronger democracy.

It was an engaging event where journalists and several young people were given the opportunity to directly ask the Ambassador questions and he took the time to exhaust every question that was asked. In his closing remarks, the US Ambassador challenged all the young people in attendance to follow up on their government with regard to the commitment made by President Weah to make Liberia a stronger democracy.

The program which took place at iCampus in Monrovia, brought together about 50 young leaders in politics and civil society to inspire them to be committed to the principles of democracy, understand their roles and responsibilities in a democratic society – as a sure hope to help them grow and adhere to democratic values, norms, and ideas for the common good of our country when they excel to leadership positions.

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